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  Personal Training
Services Offered

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Fitness and Athletic Coaching - All Ages
Individualized programs begin with the testing of body measurements including body fat percentage, lean body index, weight, and initial level of fitness.  Once current fitness levels and personal goals are determined, we can begin to work together to improve your body and/or athletic performance in your preferred sport..

Body Toning and Sculpting
Body Toning and Sculpting is put forth to get the client the desired body and look that they want.

Weight Loss Programs and Nutritional Counseling
We will set up a program that is geared towards decreasing body fat percent and weight reduction. With our Nutritional Counseling training we will cover proper nutritional advice in regards to healthy and safe diets and proper supplementations if needed.

Exercise Programs for Your Specific Sport
Training that involves preparation and skill development for a specific sport.

All Sports Speed and Endurance Training
This is a very unique program the will re-program the brain and neuromuscular system by application of basic physics, biomechanics and physiology to proper sprint mechanics and make an athlete faster for whatever sport they are involved in.

Improving Flexibility with Proper Stretching Techniques
This program involves ballistic and static stretching as well as dynamic flexibility (motion stretching).

In Home and On-Site Training
Training programs that are done in the convenience of your home or On-Site (whether you have equipment already or not).

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