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Each training session will be limited to 20 athletes to provide individualized training

CONTACT - Eric Thomas
Phone: (713) 320-6672

Houston, Texas:  Champions Trainers will offer student athletes an opportuntiy to receive highly personalized training during weekly work out sessions this summer.

Children and young adults, ages 9-21 will have the opportunity to improve their speed, agility, flexibility and running mechanics by training in small groups  with U.S. Olympian Eric Thomas.

The sessions will be held at the Rice University Track & Field Stadium - times and dates to be determined

If you would like to participate - click here to register

The focus of Workout Sessions is to help individuals learn the secrets of the pros and become faster sprinters to help them excel in whatever their sport of choice may be.  Participants gain an education on the fundamentals of running, stretching, flexibility, and overall wellness. 

During the sessions, each child will perform drills that will teach him/her to master proper sprint mechanics and improve speed and agility.  Each individuals’ skills will be pushed to a higher level of performance.

Eric Thomas, a native Texan has earned college scholarships; numerous awards, recognitions, and medals; and the greatest achievement of all, a spot on the 2000 U.S. Olympic Track and Field team.   As a world-class hurdler, Eric has developed and mastered some of the finest running techniques of any athlete. 

In the past year, Eric has founded Champion Trainers so that he can share his love for the sport of running as well as his knowledge of how to achieve fitness and performance goals.