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Speed Training Camps

Speed camp is designed to train individuals to become faster sprinters.  During Speed Camp, individuals or groups of people can register to attend a multiple-day camp during which time their speed skills will be pushed to higher levels.  Stay tuned to our website to see when a speed camp near you will be offered. 

Pre-Season Training Camps

Need help finding the edge to get your team the right start to a winning season?  Regardless of the sport, Champion Trainers can get your team ready for the up-coming season.  Contact us to come and  help you get the right pre-season training regiment underway that can lead you on your desired path of success.

Summer Sports Camp

Champion Trainers offers a fun, yet challenging, setting for keeping your child athlete healthy and active during the summer months.  The camp focuses on basic fitness that will benefit any athlete,  as well as techniques that help target the mechanics and key muscles used in the sport your child has chosen.  Camp is offered to children of various ages and abilities.